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Sand Stephanie Sprague Author
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Mothers, daughters, grandmothers and grand daughters, this is the tale of my story as far back as I could confidently piece it together. My maternal family history story starts with Grandma HUSTON who was born in 1830 and takes us through the daughters and grand daughters, eight generations, spanning more than 170 years. The inspiration to write my family history came from a little hand written trip journal I found in a cardboard box of treasures. My Great Grandma Lucy had kept a daily log of a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1937. She probably didn’t realize at the time, what a snapshot of life she was creating. She noted meals and time spent visiting with friends, having her hair waved and going to town to see movie classics like the “Singing Marine”. The Golden Gate Bridge was only 2 months old when they drove across it in July of 1937. This discovery convinced me to research and recount our legacy before these stories were completely lost to time. My research since 2003 has included visiting the family origins in Iowa, Missouri, and Southern California, small libraries and court houses scattered across the mid-west, muddy back roads, some overgrown cemeteries, and a family reunion with long lost cousins. Some of my sources are not noted in this story but I have many copies of original documents in my little white filing box. Nothing about our history is particularly glamorous. Nobody was rich or famous. We are strong women with a somewhat independent spirt. We wore pants during a time most women only worn skirts.