Spiritual Consciousness Frank Sprague Author

Spiritual Consciousness Frank Sprague Author
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James Allen reviewed this book saying:This is a philosophical work of great power and depth. The author deals with states of consciousness, and he belongs to the new school of thinkers who work from the spiritual basis. To him the invisible realities are of primary importance, as is seen by the following quotation:–We see outwardly just what we are outwardly conditioned to see by reason of the status of our own consciousness: and if we could see otherwise, it must be primarily, through the cultivation of a different quality or degree of consciousness, rather than through the substitution of different external conditions. The section on Christianity is particularly fine, and should be carefully studied by those who are looking for a more universal interpretation of the mission of Jesus than at present obtains in the multitude of creeds.Chapters include:Signs of the TimesWhat is Truth?Realization of Ideals Through Right-ThinkingThe Outer WorldThe Inner WorldConsciousnessChristianityThe Growth of SocietyThe Problem of EvilThe Spiritual Basis of HealthManifestations of the Spiritual PrincipleMusicArt and Nature