The Things That Never Happened and a Few of Them That Did Paul Charron Author

The Things That Never Happened and a Few of Them That Did Paul Charron Author
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This book contains some of the wackiest tales you have ever heard. Each chapter is only a few pages that can be read on its own as an entertaining anecdote. You can read a chapter, put the book down for months, and then pick it up again without concern over what happened before. That makes this book a perfect book to read waiting for a bus, during take-off and landing on a plane, to wind down when going to bed, or to enjoy all at once. It all started with the Lobster Story. In an effort to make his mother believe he had an exciting day at work in a seafood store, Paul told the tale of how a giant lobster attacked him and his coworkers. For some reason, his mother believed the entire thing. That started a reputation in his family of telling tall tales. Only most of his stories were not made up. At the urging of his family, Paul has written these stories down for your entertainment. With his real-life exciting adventures too wild to be true mixed with fantastical yarns told in a believable way, one never knows if his next story is made up like the lobster story. Many of these accounts, like the lobster story, are completely made up. However, most of them are actually true. Inside, you will hear the original lobster story, learn about Paul’s encounter with wild baboons, find out how his son discovered a new species as a preschooler, come to know how he encountered a terrorist while he was in the military, and more. He’ll keep you guessing which ones are true, and which ones are completely made up.