The Yakuza Path: Better Than Suicide Amy Tasukada Author

The Yakuza Path: Better Than Suicide Amy Tasukada Author
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2017 Rainbow Award honorable mention A wonderful tale of lust, love, and the Japanese culture.A bag of drugs. A twisted cop. A mob on the verge of self-destruction…Nao Murata is the new Godfather of the Matsukawa syndicate. When Detective Yamada confronts Nao over a dead drug dealer, the Nao knows his organization isn’t responsible. The Matsukawa doesn’t deal drugs… or does it?When Nao discovers drugs in a locker owned by his syndicate, he no longer knows who to trust. With the police bearing down on the Matsukawa, Nao must make unlikely allies to find out the truth. Can he discover who is betraying him before time runs out, or will everyone suffer for a crime he didn’t commit?Better Than Suicide is the second book in a Japanese mafia thriller series. If you like complex plots, gripping suspense, and splash of gay romance, then you’ll love the next installment in Amy Tasukada’s Yakuza Path series.Buy Better Than Suicide to start the race against the clock today!