Wool Blend Felt Leaves | 60 Teardrop Pick A Color Set Diy 4 Sizes

Wool Blend Felt Leaves | 60 Teardrop Pick A Color Set Diy 4 Sizes
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Brand: Etsy - Etsy (US)
Color: Green
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All leaf shapes come as individual pieces. The photograph is used to show a possible configuration of the different shapes in the set. Use your imagination to layer the shapes & blend the colors to create unique hand-crafted treasures. The felt can be sewn or glued together & embellished with hand embroidery, beads, buttons, rhinestones the list is endless. You will NOT receive a finished product. All leaves are unassembled & ready for you to put together. FABRIC Wool blend felt - This felt is a blend of 20-35% merino wool blended with rayon. The felt we use in all our products is approximately 1-2 mm thick. Due to the process of manufacturing non-woven fibers the thickness can vary. SIZE - The 3 leaf shapes measure : large - 1.75" x 2.375" long (5,1 cm x 6,0 cm) medium - 1" x 1.5" long (2,5 cm x 3,8 cm) small - .75" x 1.0" long (1,9 cm x 2,5 cm) COLOR - There are multiple color set options to choose from. Indicate the color set choice in the drop down menu within this listing. If you would like multiple colors sets, add first to cart then click back & add another. QUANTITY - in this pack you will find 12 sets of leaves with 60 leaves in total in WOOL-RAYON blend felt. The number of leaves per color is dependent on the number of colors in the set. 1 Color = 12 large + 24 medium + 24 small per color 3 Colors = 4 large + 8 medium + 8 small per color 4 Colors = 3 large + 6 medium + 6 small per color 6 Colors = 2 large + 4 medium + 4 small per color | Production Information | Order processing time is dependent on our current order backlog & can vary greatly at different times of the year. Please check my shop announcement for my current order processing times. Wool Blend Felt Leaves | 60 Teardrop Pick A Color Set Diy 4 Sizes