23 Healthy and Crazy Good Low Carb Mediterranean Recipes: Healthy Living Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Those Who Want To Lose Weight Jeff Ramsey Aut

23 Healthy and Crazy Good Low Carb Mediterranean Recipes: Healthy Living Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Those Who Want To Lose Weight Jeff Ramsey Aut
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Let’s cut through the fog and get to what matters… You already know that the American-style of eating is a diet heavy in trans fats and processed foods, which is credited with the ridiculous upward swing in obesity and the deadly consequences associated with the foods that dominate its diet. Even though a lot of us are conscious of this kind of fact, we still keep eating the same kinds of food that we know is hurting our health and slowly but surely making us FATTER! What if I told you that there is a diet plan that does not require you to stop eating any particular ingredient but still provides an incredible amount of health benefits? Enter… The Mediterranean Diet… The Mediterranean diet is not a strict diet like your Vegan diets or Paleo diets. You may wonder what a Mediterranean diet is…. In the mid of 1900s, medical studies proved that the people living in the Eastern Mediterranean region, especially the Greece and South Italy, had increased longevity and were healthy when compared with the people who lived in the Western countries. This resulted in the discovery of what we know as the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet isn’t a trendy fad. It’s really a way of life proven to help people live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. It’s referred to as a diet, but it is more lifestyle changes with shifts in nutritional choices. In fact, you don’t have to convince people to adopt it. Their food choices are so varied they are EXCITED to start eating Mediterranean-style. With this book, eating will feel more like testing your taste buds limits, than dieting. 23 Healthy and Crazy Good Low Carb Mediterranean Recipes… was created to produce Fast, Healthy and Crazy Good meal results, while making it as easy as possible for the average person to adopt the Mediterranean Cooking Style and actually start losing weight. Let’s face it… with a Mediterranean Diet it isn’t hard to eat delicious food. The best part of it is that you can actually start losing weight while eating delicious and irresistible meals that won’t let you asking for more. In this book we have brought to you many recipes from the Mediterranean diet while actually focusing more on Low Carb meals that will accelerate and maintain your weight loss. These recipes are brain dead simple and easy to make. Just follow the step by step instructions. In addition to the book recipes, this cookbook will : Teach you the History of The Mediterranean Diet Explain The Principles (fundamentals) of the Mediterranean Diet Show you Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet Educate on the Prevention and Protection of different diseases Teach you the Common ingredients used in Mediterranean cooking and their benefits These Low-Carb Mediterranean Recipes are organized into 6 sections: Low-Carb Mediterranean Lamb Recipes Low-Carb Mediterranean Chicken Recipes Low-Carb Mediterranean Beef Recipes Low-Carb Mediterranean Pork Recipes Low-Carb Mediterranean Seafood Recipes Low-Carb Mediterranean Vegetarian Recipes This cookbook will help you get started on the right track this instant, and help you reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle without the hassles of a super strict diet regime. Click the buy now button and start mastering your Mediterranean Cooking Lifestyle I look forward to helping you on your journey. Join me on the road to a healthier lifestyle. - Jeff Ramsey