After the Last Fall Amy Babiarz Author

After the Last Fall Amy Babiarz Author
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There hasn’t been magic in Battlewood in 100 years-at least, that’s what most people believe. But for a few citizens of Battlewood, they all know the truth to be a little different. When Aleca Grimme turns up missing, Comander Raznik knows that it has something to do with magic; angry, he tasks Jace Grimme, Aleca’s sister, to bring her back home and face her consequences. As Jace makes her way through the surrounding lands, though, she begins to realize that not everything is as it seems-and that she and her people have been kept in the dark for the last century. What is being hidden from them, and more importantly, why? When Jace at last confronts Commander Raznik, what she learns changes her life-and Battlewood-forever.