Aspects of Indian Social Anthropology R. S. Mann Author

Aspects of Indian Social Anthropology R. S. Mann Author
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This book reviews the potential of Africa and the major challenges facing the continent in the new millennium. Analysing the nature and determinants of underdevelopment in Africa, the book discusses at length the major bottlenecks of the African agriculture in attaining a sustainable level of growth, food security challenges, the feasibility of rainwater harvesting, and sustainability of Nech Sar National Park through private participation, environmental conservation and eco-tourism promotion. It also deals with the trends, problems and prospects of employment situation, decentralization process, socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS, causes and consequences of mounting inflation, socioeconomic results of OSHO’s Development-Oriented Emergency Food Aid Project, and Sub-Saharan African model of development. The impact of globalization on African economy has been evaluated as well.