Breaker: A Weird Western Fantasy Amy Campbell Author

Breaker: A Weird Western Fantasy Amy Campbell Author
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Brand: Amy Campbell
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Unless this outlaw tames his magic, everyone he cares about will be crushed by the enemy.Blaise Hawthorne hates his destructive magic. Stuck living with his parents and at the mercy of his unbridled power, the young mage fears he’ll be an outcast forever. But when an enemy Commander storms into town on the hunt for spellcasters, Blaise narrowly escapes.Fleeing the only life he’s ever known, Blaise hopes his fortunes have turned a corner when he stumbles across a frontier settlement of welcoming mages. But the relentless Commander stalks his every move, and when he attacks with a horrific new weapon, Blaise fears it’s the end of the trail-for both him and his new family of outlaws.Can Blaise find the grit to harness his volatile magic into a saving grace, or will his most dangerous challenge be his last?