Cat Woman's Secret Desires Amy Clifford-LeBaron Author

Cat Woman's Secret Desires Amy Clifford-LeBaron Author
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Brand: Amy Clifford-LeBaron
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Henry Oliver is back from jail, after guilelessly admitting to a crime he did not commit. But he doesn’t care about any of that. All he wants is to move on and go in search of the anonymous pen pal he had back in jail. And so he takes himself off to Dallas.Octavia Holland leads a double life; one as a cheerful waitress at a café and one as ‘Cat woman’, a stripper in a night club.It doesn’t take long for Henry to fall into the black book of Octavia, the waitress, and into a mind blowing sex-game with Cat Woman, the stripper.Octavia goes about her daily business of putting food in the belly of her customers and a smile on their faces. However, she finds it hard to forget the wild sex she had with Henry at the club.Henry is blissfully unaware of this and comes to the club every now and then, it seems, just solely to annoy Octavia. Meanwhile, he would like to see the Cat Woman again but she only performs every three weeks.Octavia gets desperate to curb her lust for Henry and has sex with her long-time heterosexual friend, Alaric and his gay lover, Drake.Now, Henry dares to ask her to a date. And she says yes.